Successful meeting sets the stage for summer

On 6th of June the Kilimanjaro VET partners held a successful online consortium meeting, discussing key updates and plans for the coming months.

„We’ve been having really good and very nice webinars,” explained OAMK’s Kimmo Kuortti on the progress done in work package that deals with improving the pedagogical and digital skills of Tanzanian teachers. „There have teachers demonstrating competence live by teaching their peers, for instance, the use of some digital tools.”

Venance Kimaka from the Mawella VTC said: “We have attended on-site and online trainings and the training sessions are so good. My teachers are so excited with the training. Thank you so much.”

“Teachers are excited. I’ve been observing that and there is a change. They teach even their colleagues. This is a wonderful program,” said Christowaja Mtinda from Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.

Lot of planning has been done to prepare Tanzanian partners study visit to Finland and Estonia in September. The team is looking forward to upcoming visits to Oulu and Kuressaare, where intensive training and collaboration will take place with visits to VET school campuses and local companies and cultural exchanges.

The meeting also highlighted progress in other work packages, including entrepreneurship education, special needs support, and dissemination.

As the team looks forward to continued collaboration, the meeting highlighted the strong foundation of cooperation that drives the project’s success.

“Of course, we have challenges to overcome but I’m optimistic that we achieve the goals of the project,” said Merja Paloniemi, the project coordinator (OSAO). “I feel that our project has received a lot of attention and that people are interested in it. We have presented our project and our cooperation at several events and seminars, and there are more to come this year.”

Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the summer break!